Friday, May 20, 2016

DAP rep Rajiv dares Rafizi to report to MACC against Selangor govt

A DAP assemblyman wants PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli to lodge a complaint with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over claims that the Selangor government was making demands for money and sex during negotiations.

"He should at least lodge a report with the MACC. As much as it will be a setback to the party in the short run, we cannot cover up corruption," Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Rafizi Ramli, who is Pandan MP, allegedly sent a WhatsApp message to a chat group claiming incidences of graft in the PKR-led Selangor state government.

"Yesterday, I received complaints from bona fide people that, other than money, there are now demands for women when dealing with the state government.

"They have complained to me and I'm currently collecting information," Rafizi wrote. The claims appeared in the "Solidarity for Anwar" WhatsApp group on Wednesday.

The Star has been trying to contact Rafizi on the claims.

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