Tuesday, October 21, 2014

FT PAS Youth: What next, a sex fest?

PAS is worried that after the ‘I Want to Touch a Dog’ campaign, Muslims will be invited to participate in a sex fest next.

Its Federal Territories deputy youth chief Nurul Islam Mohamed Yusof said there was a valid reason for concern, especially after events like ‘Topless Friday’ and ‘Octoberfest’ were organised in the country recently.

“We are worried that one day someone will organise a ‘sex and condom’ campaign, based on the rationale of safe sex and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

“Our stand against such events is because we consider it a threat to the religious and cultural values practiced in this country, and not because we are paranoid,” Nurul Islam said in a statement on Tuesday.

He said Muslims had a responsibility to preserve the sanctity of Islam in a multicultural society like Malaysia, and said more thought must be given before organising events that clearly serve to diminish religious values.

“Muslims are advised to increase their knowledge of Islam and its appreciation for the self and their families, as well as the society around them.

“We hope programmes like the dog-petting event can be prevented sooner in the future,” he added.

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BUKAN Sex Fest......