Friday, June 6, 2014

Have confidence in Jakim's halal certification

The public should have confidence in halal certificates issued by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) on food products produced in the country, said Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharum.
The Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said there were procedures which had to be observed before Jakim could issue the certificate.

"The Health Ministry only conducts tests on food samples. The decision on the halal status of food is determined by Jakim, which also has it own audit team to carry out inspections at factories.

"Inspections at factories are done to look into the management, storage of raw materials and production of food items. If factories fail to meet all requirements, the certificate will not be issued," he told reporters when met after presenting contributions to farmers at the Sungai Limau Area Farmers Organisation here Thursday.

He said the Jakim audit team analyses samples of all food products more than once a year to ensure the food does not contain non-halal substances, including porcine DNA.

"Jakim stands by the halal certificate it issued to the Cadbury company because the products are not contaminated with porcine DNA," he said, adding that Jakim would ensure the recent incident where reports stating two products by the company were contaminated with porcine DNA would not recur.

He said the company's syariah committee, had also been told to step up monitoring of its chocolate production to avoid creating anxiety, especially among Muslim consumers.

Jamil, in a statement on June 2, said an analysis by the Chemistry Department on two Cadbury products found that they did not contain porcine DNA.


ahlee said...

Prove it with data analysis ....

Anonymous said...

The 'flip-flop' JAKIM, I doubt.