Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pakatan Finally Admits That Running An Election Is Not As Easy As They Think.

Pro-Opposition portal, the Malaysian Insider today posted an article regarding the recent PAS’s Muktamar titled 5 Things that should be learned from the PAS Muktamar.

PAS Muktamar or party election has already been a hot topic for these past few weeks. The election was full of chaos and mess especially during the Vice President votes are being tallied. Many of the PAS delegates were unhappy with the way the election was handled.

To add salt to injury, a rock concert was organized even though before this PAS were one of the parties who banned rock concerts especially if it involves international artist. Many of their own supporters are baffled how the concert were permitted in PAS’s stage.

However, these are not the lessons that the Malaysian Insider meant. 5 lesson that was said by the Malaysian Insider was 1. The support shown by the enemy (Utusan Malaysia) towards pro-Ulama’ candidates, 2. To avoid any confrontation within the party, 3. Respect among candidates and supporters in the party elections and avoid any acts especially from the Ulama’ supporters, 4. Learn from Mazlan Aliman who has worked hard to gain the confidence of the people in issues such as the FELDA dispute, 5. Conducting an election is not an easy task.

Malaysian Insider clearly supports the victory of Anwarinas without trying to hide their prejudice against the Ulama of PAS. Even Mazlan Aliman was anointed as the hero as he managed to create an issue out of thin air.

It seems that what is important for Pakatan Rakyat is to create issue and not to resolve issue for the people of Malaysia.

The Malaysian Insider article shows that the external influence in PAS is arranging who will win and who will lose and it shows that this PAS election is the dirtiest the party has ever seen in their history.

This actually proves that the vote count which was one of the longest vote counts in PAS election was full of controversy. Mat Sabu and Husam who was caught breaching the vote counting room in the middle of the night have also raised many questions. The early announcement which is different from the official results makes the people of Malaysia wonder the PAS’s integrity. Imagine, they have all this problem with only 1,086 ballot tickets to be counted.

However, The Malaysian Insider potrayed it as something that is not that important and invite the Pakatan Rakyat to learn a lesson from this particular foray. The portal double standard position can be seen clearly as they were very critical of SPR who had done the job 1000 times better than PAS in counting the votes of 13.3 million ballot tickets.

If the Malaysian Insider is really a portal that is truly just and independent, then it is wise for them to analyse what actually happened in the DAP’s CEC and not just the PAS election. It is much better if they would learn from the PKR election which we saw Zaid Ibrahim resigned from the particular party because there are more than a 100 complaints about vote manipulation.

However, the Malaysian Insider is not an impartial news portal. It might as well maybe one of the hidden hands that regulate the PAS election. Thus, it is not shocking to see that only 10 out of 27 positions was won by the Ulama’. We have to exclude one of the 10 Ulama as it is difficult to determine that Hadi Awang is among the Ulama’ or Anwarinas.

Even though the Malaysian Insider tries to show that all of this is a small and usual matter in a political party election, the portal has to accept that arranging an election is not something easy.
Thus, indirectly it shows that SPR is a better electoral body which is clean, efficient and credible compared to the Pakatan Rakyat.

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