Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Drama before Pas Muktamar : Penang PAS threatens pullout from gov't posts

NONEPenang PAS has protested the state government’s “unreasonable interference” in the administration of Islamic affairs, as well as the appointment of the party’s representatives to state agencies and village and security development committees (JKKK).

If this persists, said state deputy commissioner Fauzi Yusof (left), PAS will review its position in Pakatan Rakyat.

It also stands ready to pull its representatives out of state or local council posts, if the six demands it issued today are ignored.

At a press conference in Seberang Jaya, Fauzi said all the demands come from the grassroots and are directed at the state excos.

"The grassroots want PAS to be more firm with its Pakatan allies so that (the party is) given an appropriate role and position (in balancing interests within) the state government," said Fauzi.

"We are concerned that the state government’s unreasonable interference in the Penang Islamic Affairs Council (Maipp) will lead to overlapping of power. In turn, this will disrupt the smooth running of the administration.”

Fauzi claimed that there has not been a Pakatan Rakyat council meeting in the state following the May 5 general election, when the coalition was returned to power.

PAS, he said, is making its demands public because the state government has ignored all the letters the party has sent.

Fauzi demanded more say for PAS in the administration and inclusion in discussions related to state policies before these are implemented.

He said such discussions must include PAS as an organisation, not via personal appointments or selection.
"Our grassroots do not want the party to be seen as puppets of the Pakatan allies," Fauzi said.

"Every appointment that involves the PAS quota must be discussed with us and agreed to by us.
Otherwise we will not recognise the appointments and will act against the individuals concerned, who we will deem to be trying to marginalise us.”
Asked if PAS feels that PKR is trying to become more influential in Islamic affairs, he said: "We don't want things to come to that."

'Violation of Pakatan spirit'

Penang PAS commissioner Salleh Man, the party's sole assemblyperson - for Permatang Pasir - was absent from the press conference.

Fauzi went on to demand that Salleh (left) should be given full powers without interference to appoint Maipp officers, chairpersons, and the board of directors in any state agency under Maipp.

"We understand there is unreasonable interference from the state exco in selecting Maipp members for the new session," he said.

"If this is true, it is against the ethics and spirit of Pakatan. This is regrettable.”
Fauzi said PAS wants the number of local councillors for the party's representatives to be increased from two to four.

It also wants "full powers" to choose and appoint JKKK members in constituencies where the party has previously contested - two parliamentary and six state seats - in GE13.

"We've learnt that JKKK members in these areas were directly appointed without discussion with, or agreement from, PAS leaders there," Fauzi claimed.

“All appointments under the party's quota for members of boards of directors in state agencies were made without PAS' agreement."

Although the party won only one seat in the last state polls, it should not be deemed as having no influence in Penang, he noted

"We gave our support to our allies .... In areas like Kepala Batas, we managed to reduce the majority although the BN won," he said, adding that the party will continue providing checks and balances.

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