Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hudud push in PAS-led states

PETALING JAYA: PAS will push for the implementation of hudud law in states where it has been given the mandate to rule, said the party's ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib.
He said the party should be able to implement hudud when given the mandate as it is in line with the principles of democracy.
“We go by the concept of majority support and majority rule that is enshrined in democratic principles,” he added.
Harun said this in support of the party's spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat's comment on his blog that the implementation of hudud should not be delayed as it was a religious obligation and not an option.
The Kelantan technical committee, formed to discuss the implementation of the law in the state, is convening its second meeting soon to discuss the matter.
“We will discuss the terms of reference as well as proposed action and follow-ups,” said committee deputy chairman Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.
Mohd Amar said although Kelantan had passed the enactment 19 years ago, the state government had not been able to implement it due to objections from the Federal Government.
He added that the move to implement hudud had received support from former International Islamic University lecturer Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, who commented that the Constitution need not be amended in order to implement hudud.
Instead, hudud law could be placed within the jurisdiction of syariah courts.
Former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa said there should not be a delay just because the public was ignorant of the law.
“It's not logical to wait for the public to understand a certain law before implementing it,” he said, adding that until today, many of the public do not have full knowledge of the country's laws.
However, DAP chairman Karpal Singh criticised Nik Aziz's statement.
“The statement is devoid of any legal basis or rationality,” he said, adding that Nik Aziz should not ignore the legitimate expectation of the public that all laws passed in Parliament must be reasonable.
“Parliament cannot recognise laws passed by the state assemblies which contravene the Federal Constitution,” he added.

Karpal said non-Muslims were concerned over PAS leaders' consistent push for hudud.

tunku : when general election is near, pas is always talking about implementing hudud day and night. they have got the majority in kelantan for the past 22 years or so and till now fails to implement it. in terengganu they got the majority in 1999, they failed to implement it and also in kedah from 2008 till now. enough of lying pas, as long as dap and pkr oppose it, you will never be able to implement hudud and you dare not too.

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Anonymous said...

Hudud ada dua aspek. Bidangkuasa mahkamah dan hukumannya. Bagi membolehkan Hudud dilaksanakan, bidangkuasa mahkamah agar Enakmen Jenayah Syariah hendaklah terlebih dahulu dipinda bagi pemakaiannya terhadap orang bukan islam juga. DUN Kelantan, DUN Kedah, DUN Selangor, DUN Penang kenapa tidak pinda Enakmen itu. apatahlagi DUN Kelantan dok asyik nak laksanakan hudud tapi sehingga kini habuk pun takde.