Monday, August 24, 2015

Standoff at Penang's Kg Mutiara over slated demolition - DAP Cruelty

A human barricade has formed on a road leading to Kampung Mutiara as thousands stage a standoff against a slated demolition of 66 houses in one of the last Malay villages in Batu Ferringhi here this morning.

A row of elderly women in wheelchairs were seen at the front, bearing banners protesting the demolition.

On the main road outside, thick in the middle of the tourism belt, hundreds more are waiting for the bulldozers.

These villagers are said to be descendants of warriors who had served the Sultan of Kedah before Sir Francis Light arrived in Penang.

The Sultan had granted them permission to live on the island, which was once a part of Kedah.

The land, however, was converted to Government land after Independence and ownership subsequently passed to the private sector.

A private landowner bought the land near Yahorng Art Gallery and Batu Ferringhi police station several years ago and has received a court order for vacant possession of it.

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