Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PAS polls: DAP wants to make us 'kow tow', says Ulama chief

 PAS Ulama has trained its guns on DAP, accusing their political partner of practising ‘divide and rule’ in their attempt to break up and eventually ‘control' the Islamist party.

Dr Mahfodz Mohamed said DAP was attempting to interfere in PAS political affairs by stating it would review its position in Pakatan Rakyat, after a new PAS leadership is elected.

The acting Dewan Ulama chief said DAP’s provocative stance would in the end, threaten and revoke their 'tahaluf siyasi' (political pact).

“Now, DAP is saying the party will decide on its position in the pact after the election.

“This is a clear interference on their part, so that the delegates will choose a new PAS leader who will kow tow to DAP’s needs,” he said.

Mahfodz also took a swipe at PKR, claiming it was responsible for the ongoing friction between Pakatan parties.

“We are now facing a clash and this all started with the ‘Kajang move’ as  it (PKR) did not even seek our agreement.

“This was followed by the replacement of the Selangor Mentri Besar (Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim),” he said, adding that it was during that time that  DAP launched its attacks on PAS.

“PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has become their sole target, and this (situation) is made worse when DAP severed its ties with the president,” he added.

DAP, he said, had also announced the dissolution of Pakatan Rakyat in Sabah and Sarawak, apart from their strong object against PAS’ effort to implement hudud in Kelantan.

“This situation reminds us of the conditions of tahaluf siyasi that was first established by the Syura Council in 2009.

“This provocative action by DAP could revoke this political pact or cooperation between the parties,” he said.

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