Thursday, June 18, 2015

Navy chief: Crew of missing tanker safe

All crew of the MT Orkim Harmony are safe and hijackers on board are being persuaded to surrender, said Navy chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar.

In his Twitter account on Thursday, Abdul Aziz said they promised the suspects that they would not be harmed by authorities.

"MT Orkim Harmony: KD Terengganu is shadowing the vessel and is in communication with the Vessel's captain. All crew are safe and unharmed," he tweeted.

When contacted, Abdul Aziz confirmed that the vessel had been detected, bearing a new coat of pain and a new name.

"We are currently monitoring and shadowing the ship. We will wait for the opportune moment to retake the ship," he said.

He added that the next course of action was currently being discussed.

"We have to get the consent of the owner and we also have to take the necessary precautions. Whatever it is, we are prepared," he said.

The tanker, which was carrying 5,000 tonnes of RON95 fuel belonging to Petronas worth RM21mil, left Malacca on Thursday and was to arrive at Kuantan Port at 10.30am the next day, but communication was lost at about 8.54pm.

The MMEA was notified almost 10 hours later at 6.30am the next day that it had gone missing.

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Anonymous said...

SYUKUR ALHAMULILLAH kapal ini dah dijumpai - tapi MUSTAHIL, ini kerja 'lanun' biasa! Disyaki ada DALANG asing yang lebih besar utk. operasi yg. melibatkan cubaan MEROMPAK minyak 21 JUTA minyak kita ni! PDRM/ATM mesti siasat latarbelakang PEMILIK kapal dan sepatutnya setiap pekerja asing! Dan tolonglah, lain kali kalau operasi komersial BERJUTA mcm. ni - ATM/PERISIK kita mesti mengiringi kapal/kapalterbang/mana-mana kenderaan komersial tersebut; dan perkemaskan sempadan laut kita; jgn. terlalu bergantung pd. ATM/perisikan Barat! Jgn. biaqkan perkara ni berulang lagi!

Nek Tempoyak.