Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why Mahathir Wants 1MDB to Fail!

To defy Dr Mahathir’s wishes, at his prime no less, would have great personal cost and Ani must have known this, yet he bravely stood his ground. Indeed he was effectively kicked out of TNB for his defiance, as he told KiniBiz in the interview.

“When I was kicked out, no company would touch me,” reminisced Ani in conversation with KiniBiz, adding that many companies at the time had ties that link back to YTL. “So I worked for foreign companies for a while.”

But he did not express regret at his decision – far from it. An often-repeated statement from Ani is that he does not wish to have his grave urinated on, a grave insult in the Malay culture, for dishonest dealing in life.” The late Ani Arope.

If you are one of the loony, er I mean lonely Mahathir choir boys, I am betting you don’t know that MalaysiaKini has come out with the first issue of KiniBiz. Well, now you know. There are two big write-ups on Mahathir in the fortnightly:

1. The study of contrasts between LKY and Mahathir, and

2. The man who refused Mahathir

I am sorry to tell you boys that your idol fared very badly – like, very very badly – in the battle of the bulge with the late Lee Kuan Yew. But that’s understable. Even the Singaporeans think their so-called founding father, whom they were not really fond of while he was still alive, was the better man.

What’s really damaging to your hero, boys, is the interview with Ani Arope. KiniBiz describes him as The Man Who Refused Mahathir.

The interview could not have come at a worse time. Here’s why. Mahathir has been scoring a lot of points attacking Najib over 1MDB, accusing the Prime Minsiter of incompetence, alleging that RM27 billion has disappeared into thin air, etcetera. You boys have been happily repeating the allegations (although I guess you guys don’t really know how to read let alone read audited accounts!)

The late Ani Arope, in the interview, is telling us a different story altogether. It tells us of a plan by Mahathir, using the Economic PLUNDERING Unit or EPU, to create power producers that would enrich cronies (Francies Yeoh, Ananda Krishnan, Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, among others) and imporverish the people and Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

Ani Arope saw this. He refused to play along. He was sacked ONE WEEK after saying refusing Mahathir. Before that, a major power breakout was “arranged” to show to the people how inefficient Tenaga Nasional was and why the IPPs were needed. I am not saying all this — go read the interview in KiniBiz.

After the first IPP (YTL), Mahathir went on to start many more IPPs. These power producers all made big, big money. At who’s expense? At the rakyat’s, of course. Remember how we all complained about how much we had to pay for electrity. At first we blamed Tenaga but later on, as the years go by, we understood that it was the IPPs.

When PM Najib took over, he must have seen the plundering. So he used the 1MDB to buy the IPPs after telling Ananda, Francis and Syed Mokhtar that their contracts were not going to be renewed, thank you. Next step, list these IPPs in one mega public listing exercise and create and share the wealth with more stakeholders, not just cronies.

Three things will happen together with the IPO :-

1. It will end the ridiculous subsidies that Tenaga Nasional and Petronas had been forced to give to the IPPs year in and year out.

2. The people will enjoy lower electricity tariffs and,

3. the IPPs as we know them will be no more. So will Mahathir’s IPP legacy.

Mahathir is not alone in his onslaught of Najib. He was never alone. The IPPs have been with him from the start. Now boys, go get your copy of the KiniBiz. Rememebr there’s a Part 2 of the interview coming in two weeks.


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Anonymous said...

Mahadey dictator-ism taking place now after successfully demolish Pak Lah.
For very stupid reason, he tried hard to convince UMNOs to step down Najib.

But he shut up people eyes that economic crisis happen in 1997 also brought down the currency at the lowest worst, almost 4.000 per USD1.
Did he stepped down during the moment?

How about the Petronas money that he robbed for his cronies? Tajuddin Ramli, Halim Saad?

How about all these cronies, Thing Phek Khing (Ekran), Vincent Tan (YTL), Lim Goh Tong (Genting), Annanda (Maxis-Binariang), Robert Kuok..Eric Chia?

Mahadey.. ur slogan of Melayu Mudah Lupa is really right..