Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wake Up Malaysian Chinese! History of Indonesian Chinese May Repeat Here!

Many of my Indonesian Chinese friends keep telling me to be wary of DAP.

This party is evil,they continually reminded me.Malaysia is such a beauty, a real peaceful and harmonious country for everybody,why must this DAP tried so hard to destroy her? 

History of the Indonesian Chinese may repeat itself here in Malaysia for the Chinese community if they were to continue supporting DAP in creating unending mistrusts for the moderate Malays.

What would DS Najib do if forced to the corner?

Malays are Malay, for race survival they would unite under any circumstances. Prove me wrong? 

Back in the 60s,the Chinese communist party and the Chinese Nationalist party Kuomintang both having vast local supports due to their excessive financial capability were head on with each other until the end of President Sukarno's era.The new President Suharto realised that these troublesome Chinese must be marginalised somehow to save Indonesia from chaos.

The new gov't started by forcing them to change their name to Indonesian,Chinese characters were not allowed for display in public area,majority of the Chinese schools were closed,income tax dept were all over them to ensure that they pay back what they have over taken,business licences were limited to them to prevent them from controlling the economy and so on and so on.

Do we want all these to happen here in Malaysia?The opposition wouldn't care a hood of what would happen to the populace and the country.What they wanted for all these years is to topple the moderate UMNO-BN to form a government of their own regardless of all consequences.

After the GE13,as evidently seen that the PR coalition have had brought the Chinese to no where and of late,their MPs are digging graves for the Chinese and the non Malay to jump into.The Chinese community better wake up and started thinking seriously before things spiralled out of control.

Going head on with the ruling UMNO moderates bring us to no where,you are only forcing them to take extreme measures to further excluding all the non Malays in the political arena for their own survival.

Hidup Malaysia!

by saviour of puritans.

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