Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teresa Kok Deserves a Slap and FOR FREE-OF-CHARGE!

Teresa Kok deserves a ‘slap’, no doubt about it, maybe not physically but definitely on her bloated ego. Her arrogance has shrouded her ability to reason, act and think as a politician.

As a member of parliament from DAP, she for sure had no grounds to produce and ‘act’ in her Chinese New Year video that went viral on the net.

It is shameful that DAP’s top leaders have defended her video, citing it was not seditious in any manner. It is disgusting that the very same DAP that goes around the nation boasting of being a champion for all races had stooped so low in condoning a video that had belittled the nation grossly.

DAP had always lamented that Barisan Nasional is the leader of gutter politics but with Kok’s video, I wonder what sort of politics they practice now?

The DAP has proven beyond doubt that it is nothing more than another group of humans who will do anything to achieve its desires, which is to take over the governing of the country at all cost.

Kok’s video unveiled the camouflaged image of DAP, a party that respects no other race but only thinks for the Chinese.

Kok’s argument that the video did not mention any names, in her defence, is really insulting the intelligence of all Malaysians. It is crystal clear that Kok was making sly innuendos, hitting below the belt of certain individuals and the Malays in particular.

Come on, we are not that dumb not to understand her cunning message to the nation.

As a politician and an elected rep, she lacked maturity and wisdom in sending out the message she really intended to during the festive season.

It was distasteful and sour to do so on an auspicious occasion like the Chinese New Year (CNY). Kok just wanted to show how the Chinese in Malaysia think that they are far superior in Malaysia than other races.

No doubt, all is not well in the nation but for her to ridicule the people of Malaysia blatantly completely defies logic when she is also a citizen of the country. Is she implying via the video that since she is a Chinese descendent, she has the right to denigrate other races during Chinese New Year?

Morally wrong
Occasions like the CNY or other festivities should be optimised to close ranks and implant seeds of harmony among various races but Kok thought it would be more appropriate to release a damaging video in the public domain to score brownie points with her foolish supporters and followers.

And DAP supremos think that it was a gigantic effort and Kok indeed needs to be credited for making a fool out of herself.

Seems like DAP is nothing better than any other race-based party and it will defend its grounds even if it knows it is morally wrong. It forgets that two wrongs do not make a right.

Kok had ‘slapped’ the entire nation on the international front with the video and yet she cries innocence as though there was no damage done by her.

Indeed, it was her very own boss Lim Kit Siang who had said days earlier that all efforts must be made to avoid another May 13, but looks like Kok had just fuelled the strained race relationship in the country with her ‘Onederful Malaysia CNY2014′ video.

As said earlier, Kok needs to be ‘slapped’, but with all available legal avenues. The authorities must put a stop to vainglorious individuals like her who are self-centered.

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Anonymous said...

fully agree and well said, i wish this can be reproduced on other popular blogs. DAP loses support of thinking Malaysians with this sort of meaningless defines of Kok.