Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Malacca MCA slams DAP for 'bleaching' Amanah

Malacca MCA has slammed DAP for using the same tactics to promote Amanah to the non-Muslim community that it previously used on PAS.

Its secretary Datuk Koh Chin Han said in a statement that DAP had guaranteed that PAS would not be able to implement hudud law and that the Islamist party’s leaders were liberal and progressive.

“Once being in a untouchable position of power after GE13, PAS had shed its sheep’s wool and revealed its true colours by insisting on the implementation of Syariah criminal codes,” he said.

He said DAP was now using the same "bleaching tactics" on Amanah despite the fact that the party’s leaders had voiced their support for the implementation of hudud.

Koh pointed out that Amanah is an Islamist party and committed to reforming the secular and democratic system under the Federal Constitution.

“What makes the DAP leaders so confident that Amanah is upholding a secular and democratic system under the Federal Constitution?

“Which campaign leaflet of the party actually shows that?” he asked.
“Amanah is no different from PAS. DAP has empowered ‘one’ PAS, and Malaysia does not need another PAS in the future!” he said.

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