Monday, January 4, 2016

1MDB: Liang urges Pua not to draw conclusions from public information

Simpang Renggam MP Liang Teck Meng has responded to a statement by Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, saying that the  Public Accounts Committee (PAC) inquiry into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was set up to investigate allegations raised in the media.

"If we can draw conclusions based on public information, then what is the purpose of holding a PAC inquiry? Then there would be no need for a PAC inquiry and there is no need for Pua to waste his precious time in the many sessions of the PAC inquiry," said Liang.

Liang said in a press release on Monday that as a member of the PAC, he had invested much of his time in PAC proceedings and did not want his fellow members to bring the entire commission and Parliament into disrepute.

He said that the rest of the PAC were intent on reaching a final conclusion based on actual facts, evidence and witness interviews - and not on "public information".

"We might as well disband the PAC and sit at home to read anonymous blogs such as Sarawak Report if it has become acceptable practice to come to a conclusion based on public information," said Liang.

Liang added that there is really no point making hundreds of statements if the majority of them were politically-motivated and not based on actual facts.

"It adds to the noise and confusion, and not the truth," said Liang.

He had a plea for Pua.

"Again, I plead with you: Please stop continuing to try to get yourself sacked from the PAC to manipulate public perceptions and bring the PAC and Parliament into disrepute. Please stop playing games. It is unfair to the rest of us on the PAC and to the public," said Liang.

Earlier Monday, Pua responded to the Gerakan secretary-general over his call for an MP to stop playing “disgusting dirty politics” and focus on evidence-based investigations on 1MDB.

"What is wrong with wanting to ‘expose the crooks' behind the multi-billion ringgit scam behind 1MDB which has resulted in tens of billions of ringgit of taxpayers losses," said Pua in a press statement on Monday.

The Petaling Jaya Utara MP said that this was not the first time that Liang had told him off for speaking out on 1MDB.

"Liang, who is also the Member of Parliament for Simpang Renggam, who is never heard raising issues which matter to the man-on-the-street, has been impressively first-off-the-mark to criticise me whenever I comment on 1MDB recently," said Pua.

On Sunday, Liang said he had read a statement by one of his fellow committee members on New Year’s Day and was stunned.

Although he did not expressly identify the “Yang Berhormat”, it is believed that Liang was referring to fellow PAC member and Opposition MP Tony Pua.

Liang went on to say that no sane person would try to prejudice and dishonour himself and the PAC in such a manner unless he had a hidden political agenda that was not based on the truth or on factual evidence.

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