Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Zahid’s daughter: I’m a Malaysian, I have a right to speak too

Nurulhidayah Ahmad Zahid has defended her previous Facebook rants against Bersih supporters with a series of posts on her Instagram account.

On Tuesday, the daughter of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that if she was snobbish, arrogant or boastful, she would not be open to making friends with people she did not know.

"I am not a member of Parliament in your constituency or your assemblyman. I am a CITIZEN OF MALAYSIA who also has the same right to freedom of speech," she shared in a text post on her @nurulzahid account.

“I did not touch upon racism or race. I just questioned the sanity of some of you who slept on the streets, seemingly for the sake of voicing out the truth,” she shared in a text post on her @nurulzahid account.

Nurulhidayah said she had also voiced out against the Lowyat brawl in July, as such a scuffle was frowned upon in any religion.

“I was misunderstood when I said BERSIH was a FOOLISH or STUPID action. Personal attacks were made against me.

“I will not remain silent and will continue to speak up. Who am I in your eyes? Nobody. Who am I in His eyes? I am a humble servant of God, who will keep voicing out,” she added.

Nurulhidayah also prayed for God’s continued protection over all, and for the preservation of peace in Malaysia.

In another post made an hour later, Nurulhidayat took full responsibility for her statements, and said she was responsible for her freedom of speech.

“I am also responsible so that some of us will not be manipulated. Even though Government or opposition, all have to change,” said Nurulhidayah.

She maintained that no one is paid to communicate for her on social media, and said her views are “the voice of my heart, a voice among 30mil Malaysians”.

“I forgive those of you who have insulted my entire family. I pray to God that you, your family and your entire lineage will be protected and protected from fitnah (slander),” she added.

To her, life must go on.

“I need to keep working. I need to be with the some of you who understand the true meaning of struggle,” she concluded.

On Monday, Nurulhidayah had taken to Facebook to describe the protest as a kerja bodoh (stupid work), and that it was better for supporters to join the army.

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