Wednesday, July 1, 2015

‘KFC posting’ not by me, says Ahmad Maslan

A Facebook posting allegedly by Datuk Ahmad Maslan (pic) claiming that the public is not financially burdened, proven by the fact that many still visit Kentucky Fried Chicken, has been confirmed to be false.

The Deputy Finance Minister also pointed out on Wednesday two other postings which were circulated and falsely attributed to him.

“Ini 3 siri palsu. Mmg sah ini drpd geng fitnah. Jawatan saya pun salah, disebut TMK2. Saya TMK1. Mana ada B1RM? BR1M. (This is a series of three false postings. It is confirmed that this is from the ‘slander group’. Even my position is wrong, I was attributed as being Deputy Finance Minister II. I am Deputy Finance Minister I. There is no such thing as B1RM. It’s BR1M),” he said in a tweet.

He also explained why the KFC posting could not have been from him.

“Ini tweet palsu kerja org tak betul & fitnah. 1/6 saya tak ada tweet begitu. Jika dimaksud hari ini, kan bulan puasa. (This is a false tweet and slander. On June 1 I did not post such a tweet. If it was meant to be today, then this is the fasting month),” Ahmad said.

He added” “Saya tiada akaun Fb ikon i <3 account="" berbaju="" does="" facebook="" fb="" fitnah="" have="" i="" ikon="" ini.="" ini="" itu="" melayu="" my.="" not="" saya.="" saya="" semua="" spt="" the="" twitter="" untuk="" utk="" y=""> MY icon. That is only for my Twitter. The icon for my Facebook is of me wearing a baju melayu. This is all slander).”  

The false Facebook posting, which was allegedly posted on June 1 read: “Minyak NAIK RM0.10 tapi KFC ramai juga orang. Beban dimana?! (The price of petrol goes up by RM0.10 but there are still many people in KFC. What burden?!”

Although originally posted on Facebook, the false update has also been shared on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The two other false updates, also posted on Jun 1 read: “Tak suka B1RM boleh BR4M! (If you don’t like BR1M you can BR4M!)” and “Saya tak la bodoh sangat.. Kalau bodoh tak akan la saya duduk di kerusi Timbalan Menteri Kewangan 2.. Ingat tu sedara sedara (I am not so stupid.. If I were I would not be sitting on the Deputy Finance Minister II seat... Remember that).”

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