Friday, December 6, 2013

The Pakatan Formula for Destruction

Picture this scenario. Two opposing factions declare their allegiance to their country. One works to develop the nation positively although not perfectly while the other consistently runs down the country locally and abroad supposedly for the rakyat’s sake. Internationally, the nation’s prestige is on the downward trend. Many conclude that things are not well on the home front. Whom would you trust?

Despite such reports, many are still hoodwinked into thinking that Pakatan Rakyat is doing all it can for the country but what have they REALLY done for Malaysia? Look at the following table, which is a compilation of the ways in which PR has put Malaysia on the road to destruction.

Listing all the grouses raised by Opposition is an arduous and impossible task. They have NOTHING good to say about the government. However, let us go down to the brass tags. What has Pakatan Rakyat done to DEVELOP the nation?

         Do they have a good record of accomplishment in securing foreign investments on their own without riding on BN effort
         Since 2008, have they produced their Shadow Cabinet to prove their leaders can be better than BN leaders?
         For every criticism thrown at the government, have they proposed concrete ways to overcome problems highlighted?
         For every criticism hurled against the government, have PR been innocent and blameless in NOT doing the same actions they condemned?

         Has any Pakatan leader ever praised or promoted our country locally or internationally in speeches or social networking platforms?
         Has any Pakatan leader/party ever revealed a national plan for development for country or has this been only for one or two states?
         Has Pakatan Rakyat ever assured Malaysians or foreigners that our country is a fantastic place to live and to invest?
         Apart from complaining, ranting and disgracing our government about corruption, wastage etc, what has Pakatan Rakyat done for Malaysia as a whole?

What is their motive? Is it to develop Malaysia or to develop their agenda by putting this nation on a path of destruction?

By Datuk Huan Cheng Guan

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