Monday, October 8, 2012


Anwar Ibrahim has got a French lawyer to lend more credents to the scorpene deal just to influence more Malaysians to believe in the lies his network Suaram has been propagating. As usual, his campaign is always laced with the so-called intellectualism, bringing intellectual foreigners purportedly to be neutral and ‘know all’ the wrong doing of the present government. He does not even trust his party members who are lawyers because to him, only overseas ‘mat sallehs’ are more intelligent than local lawyers. And in the eyes of Malaysians, Anwar feels that they would put their trust more towards these ‘mat sallehs’ than local kampung boy lawyers. But in reality, Anwar is actually selling himself or more accurately following the ‘directives of his foreign masters’ to get these lawyers or other foreign intellectuals to convince Malaysians to oppose the government. The foreigners, who fund him and his networks – the purported independent NGOs championing human rights and whatever rights they claim – would want their people to be part of the team to plan and strategise in undermining the government, making it weak so that it would be easy to topple. It was them who strategized and planned which government agencies to hit and weakened, how and using what tools. Anwar’s own mind would not reach that level as he is not even an intellectual, with only a Malay studies degree, and his level of thinking is not even on par with Khairy Jamaluddin, to compare. So it is likely that all the plans including Bersih rallies and other related political rallies are actually planned and strategized by the foreign masters with Anwar heading the local implementers, using the NGOs these foreigners have funded. Anwar’s only own doing was organizing the reformasi rallies in late 90s, that also with the help of others like Hishamuddin Rais, Cikgu Bad and few others because Anwar alone would not know how to organize things. And even now, when PR is struggling to win over the waning support, Anwar continues to ‘fly high’ going around campaigning in style – a RM1 million bus and airplane – forgetting the voters’ sensitivities or he just could not get use to a moderate campaign style. In short, Anwar has actually reveals to the public his true self – stupid and extravagant in spending. And voters who are now more smart, open and critical are watching closely, very closely. This has actually got DAP and PAS worried but they cannot tell Anwar because doing so would deprive them of foreign funds and support

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