Thursday, November 17, 2011

Muhyiddin Questions Need For Third Link To Penang Island Now

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 16 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin questioned the rationale for the proposal to build a third link in the form of an sea tunnel between the mainland and Penang island when the second bridge project has yet to be completed.
"What's the purpose of (Chief Minister Lim) Guan Eng building the tunnel? Is he implying that the traffic congestion is so bad that the second bridge now under construction cannot solve the congestion in George Town.
"Rightly, we should let the second bridge project to be completed. Perhaps the second bridge will be enough to handle the congestion. So, what's the point of spending so much money, said to be around RM8 billion, for the tunnel," he told a news conference after a meeting with Federal Territory youths in conjunction with his day-long walkabout in Kuala Lumpur today.
Muhyiddin said the second bridge project, expected to be completed in 2013, had taken into account the projection of use for the long term.
"Only years after the first bridge was built has the federal government decided to build the second. Now, the second bridge has yet to be completed and its projected use is for 10 to 20 years to come.
On Monday, the Penang government reportedly announced an RM8-billion plan to construct four major road and tunnel projects to reduce traffic congestion in the state.
Chief Minister Lim was quoted as saying that the projects will allow greater access between the island and the mainland.
The proposed projects are a third (tunnel) link connecting Gurney Drive to Seberang Perai North District, a by-pass connecting Gurney Drive to the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway, a link between Bandar Baru Air Itam to the same expressway, as well as a paired road to the existing coastal road from Tanjung Bungah to Teluk Bahang.

tunku : these are the people ( the oppositions) who had opposed to the construction of the first bridge. they said government is wasting money etc. now suddenly they want to build a tunnel, why? it is just to fish for votes and empty promises because general election is around the corner. lim guan eng is the biggest liar in dap's camp.


Anonymous said...

Projects for 2020 were announced in 1994- 26 years ahead of time. There is no harm to start looking for projects that will help people of Penang, not Pakatan, in the year 2037.

Anonymous said...

the DPM has never failed to utter statements and come up with policies which are not only useless but destructive.
Those who capatilize on destruction should be clearly seen. I'm just sorry that many do not see this