Monday, April 15, 2013

Motive Behind Assistance From Foreign Party For Pakatan Rakyat

The expose regarding the help given by Malaysia's neighbouring country's political party, People’s Action Party (PAP), Singapore towards Malaysian Opposition is not a new thing. That is why, when the media revealed DAP's organized assistance for PR in facing GE-13, many are not shocked.
However, PAP's help towards PR, especially DAP this time around is much bigger and open, up to the point where Singapore Government announced 2-days special holiday on May 3, Friday and May 6, Monday in conjunction of election day on May 5, Sunday. Singapore government will also provide fuel allowance for its citizens who are involved in helping PR for Malaysia's General Election. Workers under PAP are ordered to help DAP's machinery during the whole period of campaign.
Let's never forget that two of PAP's founders, are still leading DAP since 1967, Lim Kit Siang and Devan Nair (Bangsar MP), proving that PAP and DAP are the same entity. PAP was formed from the spirit of kiasu, racist and hate against Malays. If we are to study the history of Singapore, we will find that one of the reasons they left Malaysia was because they refuse to accept Malay Muslim rulers!
And that is where PAP's racist agenda in helping DAP in Malaysia for GE-13 gets obvious, as the special holiday for Malaysian citizens are only given to Chinese, hoping that they would vote for DAP. Not just that, seven buses have been prepared by one of the tycoons of the country to help those who do not have any transport to travel to Malaysia.
Lim Kit Siang's decision to contest in Gelang Patah, Johor is also seen as an agenda which could bring Malaysia 'closer' to Singapore.
Previously, it was revealed that PAP was involved in BERSIH as well as the demonstration against Lynas. In short, our neighbour can never see Malaysia getting more than them, and they would do anything they can to threaten the stability and strength of Malaysia.
Lee Kwan Yew's ambition to rule Malaysia has never died, and Malaysia will never forget his ambition. Even though physically, Malaysia seem negligent, but fact is, Malaysia has its own way to handle the matter.
Singapore has been detected a few times intruding Malaysia's air space, however, as wise and mature neighbour, this country has never taken any hasty decisions to take actions against Singapore. Even though Singapore is famous for being kiasu where they would never admit their mistake or they every did wrong, Malaysia is still being patient and calm in facing this one neighbour.
This is because we are aware of how Singapore really is, a country led by Chinese racists which think that they are as good as the West. Their 'colonized' mentality is so strong that they are proud if they are linked with the west, especially when the country is trusted to become the western 'agent' for this region.
Moreover, the jealousy, greed and kiasu attitude among the leaders of this small country always lead them to hate Malaysia, which they think is 'stupid' because it is being led by Malays. Other than Lee Kwan Yew's illogical personal grudge against Malays, Malaysia is always under the watchful eyes of Singapore thanks to its potential in terms of economy and investments. And just like those in the West, no one knows why even Singapore views Islam in Malaysia as an issue, even if not threat.
Whatever it is, choosing the government is in our hands, not Singapore. As for now, we have seen that DAP is not that smart, they are so stupid that they do not even know how to count votes, all exposed. So, do believe that the arrogant PAP is just as same, not as smart as they look. PAP is not mature enough to understand that there is more than just country's wealth, there are peace, stabilization and humanity.
That is why, let them feel superior as they try to invade us anyway they wish, we do not lose anything because smart people do not have to show that they are smart or even be arrogant about it. Smart people should know that arrogance only lead towards a downfall.


Anonymous said...

Yes the Singapore Malays rank lower than Malaysian chinese in kiasu island

Their white paper on 6.9 million population may have banked on Johor becoming greater singapore

Y.H.LAM said...

Our government should do something about this serious matter - as all of us know that. Why should we let this kiasu people creating ill feelings among our people, and infiltrate into our own politics. Afterall, they are foreigners, not a bit of our people. Never trust DAP - the puppet of an evil islanders.
God bless Malaysia!